Winter walks in New Cumnock

Looking for a little winter walk inspiration in East Ayrshire? Then why not check out the lovely series of walks provided by the New Cumnock Access Network Routes? This network of paths was developed by the CEI in 2012 to improve access to the envrionment around New Cumnock. The routes vary from less than a mile to almost 5 miles in length and area great way to take in local wildife and history!

Yesterday we went on a ‘path patrol’ to check up on the routes and record any damage. Happy to say that most of the signs are in good condition but the routes along the Afton were a bit on the muddy side so good footwear is definitely recommended! Wildlife spotted along the way included a kestrel, redwing, bullfinches, a dipper and a hare.

You can pick up the route guide from New Cumnock Town Hall or download one here:…/…/07/CEI-A5-Routes-Mar_2016v4.pdf

Checking that our signs are in tact during the path patrol!

The Connel Burn, Knockshinnoch Lagoons SWT Reserve

Part of the ‘Miner’s Walk’, heading towards the Knockshinnoch Disaster Memorial