Volunteer Day: 14th June Dipwells and Drones at Airds Moss!

How have our peat bogs been faring during this changeable weather? First a drought and now some fairly heavy rainfall. We hope that through our ditch blocking and bunding work that the bog will have a higher, more stable water table and therefore greater resilience against changes in climate. A water level close to the ground’s surface supports the growth of peat-forming plants such as Sphagnum mosses, trapping and locking away atmospheric carbon as it builds up slowly over time.

There’s one way to find out whether we have achieved this: through regular hydrological monitoring. With the help of our volunteers we have installed networks of dipwells across our enhancement sites which we use to measure the depth of the water table regularly throughout the year, with the aim of evaluating the data to see how the bogs’ hydrology has been affected by our work.

Would you like to help us carry out our important monitoring work? On Wednesday 14th June we will be recording the water level of Airds Moss using dipwells that were installed a few years ago. Whilst out on the bog, we will be taking fixed point photographs of the enhancement areas and habitat features. Some of this footage may be shot using our drone!

The event will run from 10:00 – 15:00. Transport can be arranged from Kilmarnock or Cumnock bus station for those that wish to car share. Please bring willies, waterproofs, warm clothes and a packed lunch with you. It is important to let us know by phone 01563 553 513 or email mailto:daisy.whytock@ea-cei.org.uk if you would like to attend the event so that we can organise travel etc. No experience is necessary!

Measuring the water table is an important part of our bog monitoring work