Surveying and monitoring

Hydrological monitoring at Common Farm (c) CEI 2017

Surveying and monitoring sites, habitats and species is an integral part of the CEI’s work, and where necessary CEI have commissioned surveys by specialist ecologists, peatland contractors and hydro-geologists.  This ensures that high quality data is collected, resulting in appropriate enhancement specifications and enabling CEI to assess any changes as a result of the work and evaluate the success of the project.  CEI have commissioned 10 professional habitat surveys over the life of the project.  Details of the surveys and links to PDF reports are shown in the table below.

Survey title Survey carried out by Date of survey No. of peat sites PDF download of report
Dalmellington Moss hydrological survey and enhancement feasibility Openspace (Cumbria) Ltd Dec-14 1 Dalmellington Moss hydrological survey 26.1.14 (PDF)
Survey and assessment of peatland sites in the East Ayrshire Coalfield region Farming and Conservation Feb-14 17 Peat site identification survey (PDF)
Tappethill Moss vegetation and tree height survey Scotia Ecology May-14 3 Tappethill_Moss_Final_Report_and_Appendices (PDF)
Dalmellington Moss hydrological monitoring Pendleton Hydro Ltd Apr-15 1 Dalmellington Moss – Hydrological monitoring report (PDF)


Dalmellington Moss – Data review (PDF)

Farm environment assessments (trial surveys) Farming and Conservation Apr-15 4 Confidential
Peatland restoration specifications (trial surveys) Openspace (Cumbria) Ltd Apr-15 4 OP-East Ayrshire Farm Sites Peat Survey 05-06-15 Final (PDF)
Hydrological survey of Black Hill, Bedminnie Moss, and Tappethill Moss Pendleton Hydro Ltd May-15 3 Tappethill Hydrological Report r2 (PDF)
Topographical survey of Dalmellington Moss Pinnacle Surveys  Sep-15 1  n/a
Peatland feasibility studies (framework) Openspace (Cumbria) Ltd Winter 2015 – Autumn 2016 11 Site 1A: SSSI Bog
Site 1B: Mid Bog
Site 1C: West Bog
Site 1D: Habitat Mosaic
Site 3A: Crooks Moss
Site 3B: Crooks Moss Pilot
Site 4A: Burnshield Bridge
Site 4B: Reservoir Field
Site D4: Glaisnock Moss
Site D5: Low Moss
Site D8: Shiel Farm
Site D12: Garpel Estate
Peatland feasibility studies at Sorn Estate and Upper Wellwood (Dumfries Estate) Strath Caulaidh Ltd Winter 2017-18 2 TBC