Magical Moors film screeing – Tuesday 20th February

The East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative (CEI) is delighted to host a screening of Jan Haft’s beautiful film ‘Magical Moors’. The film focuses on moors, bogs and wetlands and the wildlife they support. The CEI has been working to restore peat bogs across the East Ayrshire Coalfields as part of its Nature Network / EcoCo LIFE project (LIFE 13/BIO/UK/000428) and we are very excited to invite you to join us at this special event!

The screening will take place on Tuesday 20th February at 1pm in New Cumnock Town Hall. All welcome, tickets are free and available in the link below.

Moors, bogs and wetlands can be found all over in Europe. Everyone has at least heard about this habitat but most know little about it. Only 1% of the Middle European wetlands are still untouched. A gigantic amount of carbohydrate is stored inside these wetlands. But knowing about this fact does not stop their destruction. Climate change and global warming are on everyone’s mind – stopping the destruction of moors and wetlands would be one great step towards the reduction of greenhouse gases. This film shows the beauty and the magic inside the moors and its message is clear :”Save and protect our last moors and wetlands”.

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Running Time: 95 mins
Production Company: nautilusfilm GmbH – Natural History Germany in coproduction with Bayerischer Rundfunk

PLEASE NOTE: tickets are limited so please let us know if you can no longer make it and we will reallocate your ticket.

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