Let’s learn about nature!

We provided a hands-on learning experience and introduce young people to the amazing wildlife and important habitats found in their local area. We aim to connect people with the natural environment and inspire an interest in science and environmental stewardship.

We are currently seeking new opportunities to work with schools and groups in East Ayrshire!

Our recent work has focused on peatlands, a special and exciting habitat that makes up much of the East Ayrshire coalfields. Peatlands are important for biodiversity and water quality, and a healthy bog locks in carbon, playing an important role in climate change. Our education programme can help deliver a range of CfE outcomes and the topic of peatlands can provide a great basis for scientific studies as well as a springboard for historical, cultural and artistic studies. To find out what CEI projects East Primary Schools have been involved in take a look at our Peatbog Star Species and Peatland Scientists updates.

In addition to resources the CEI can provide there is an abundance of peatland-themed educational resources available online:

To find out more about learning opportunities, please contact Daisy Whytock at daisy.whytock@ea-cei.org.uk or on 07766185987.