Nature Network Legacy


April 2018 saw the start of the CEI’s new project, Nature Network Legacy.

Nature Network Legacy was a two-year project delivering peatland conservation in the East Ayrshire Coalfield area between April 2018 and March 2020. The project restored 133ha peatlands at priority sites and encouraged land managers to manage and restore sites. Nature Network Legacy worked with local volunteers to survey and monitor peatlands, helping them to gain skills and increase their knowledge of local sites and species; and engage with the community to promote the value of peatlands. The project built build on the success of the East Ayrshire Nature Network project (2013 – 2018), which delivered restoration of 479 hectares of peatland at 6 sites in East Ayrshire. 

Nature Network Legacy’s vision was:

High quality peatland restoration has taken place at priority sites in the East Ayrshire Coalfield area, restoring ecosystem function and benefiting people and wildlife.  Best practice has been promoted widely, facilitating further peatland conservation action.

Local people of all ages and backgrounds can recognise a peat bog in good condition and appreciate the value of healthy peatlands. CEI volunteers have played an active role in the management, monitoring and promotion of local peat bogs, gaining skills, improving employability and wellbeing.



Legacy for peatlands…

Nature Network Legacy delivered high quality peatland restoration work, demonstrated best practice and engaged with land managers to facilitate lasting benefits to peatlands.

Legacy for people…

Nature Network Legacy developed skills in local people that may be useful in furthering education, work prospects or taking forward in other initiatives. Local people have a better understanding and appreciation for local sites and species. Other benefits may include improved health and wellbeing.

Legacy for communities…

Nature Network Legacy has raised the profile of peatlands locally, increasing understanding of what makes a healthy peat bog and the benefits of restoring peatlands to the people and wildlife. Communities have greater pride in their peatland heritage.  Land managers have been encouraged to better manage/restore peatlands.

Nature Network Legacy was funded by Ayrshire LEADER, Scottish Natural Heritage, INFINIS and South Ayrshire Waste Environment Trust (SAWET).

Read the Nature Network Legacy project report here:

Nature Network Legacy 2018-2020 – Final report