CEI on film – Peat, people and partnerships

We are excited to bring you ‘Peat, people and partnerships’ a film about the East Ayrshire Coalfield Nature Network project! The film highlights achievements of the project and also unveils plans for the future, including a new ‘Nature Network Legacy’ project which will run between 2018 and 2020 and deliver further peatland conservation actions in the Coalfields.

Two versions of the film are available:

  1. The full length film
  2.  A shorter version with subtitles

The CEI’s work is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, East Ayrshire Council, and with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community.

The film was produced by Prancing Jack Productions.

Still from ‘Peat, people and partnerships’; Daisy, Katrina, Alex and Gemma at Low Moss