Bird’s eye bog: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) flight training

October 30 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Learn how to safely operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or ‘drone’ in the countryside.

(c) Dave Beaumont (RSPB)

The CEI use its drone to capture bird’s-eye photographs of its restoration sites to help assess habitat health and monitor changes following restoration work (e.g. ditch-blocking or tree removal). We would like to train our volunteers to be able to help us carry out this important work.

The training will include an introductory session including the safe and legal use of drones in drone photography and monitoring work, introducing a Code of Practice that we will abide by at the CEI. You will then get a chance to fly the drone at one of our restoration sites, Low Moss near Lugar, capturing wonderful video footage and images for use by the CEI.

Whilst taking turns to fly the drone, there will be other important activities taking place including water level monitoring and wildlife recording. You won’t be left standing idly at the side-lines!

To attend you must be registered as a CEI volunteer or willing to register as a new volunteer on or before the day of the event. This event is also open to staff and volunteers of partner organisations.

For further information and/or to register to attend please contact Daisy on 07766 185 987 or email at