Birds and Bees Blog!

Hi everyone my name is Zoe Jamieson and I’m here to tell you all about my birds and bees event that took place on Friday 30th October! After months of planning the event came together wonderfully. We spent the morning in the New Cumnock Community Centre where I gave a presentation and introduced everyone to the event, afterwards we had Suzie Burgess from Buglife come along to give a talk on managing a wildflower meadow before we all got to building some bird and bee boxes. Every participant that came to the event got the opportunity to build their own bird box or bee hotel to take home for their own garden; some participants even made one of each! The afternoon was spent in the New Cumnock Wildlife Garden planting a variety of different plants. The plants chosen were specifically known to be good for pollinators so as to increase wildlife species’ in the garden. More flowers, trees and shrubs will be planted in spring to continue encouraging wildlife to the garden. In total we had seven volunteers/participants attend the event and we would like to say thank you to all who were able to make it.

making bird + bee homes


I chose bird and bee conservation as I feel it’s an important issue that needs urgent help. Two UK bee species are already extinct; Cullem’s bee and short-haired bumblebee. There have also been an increasing number of bird species landing on the IUCN red data list which lists all the birds which are endangered, threatened or vulnerable. As humans we rely on bees to pollinate our food and flowers and we rely on certain birds to control rodent and invertebrate populations.

bee home


Bird box built by Robert Carey

The CEI received a grant from East Ayrshire Council’s Restoring Communities Programme Fund to be used for projects in the New Cumnock Community Wildlife Garden and this allowed us to carry out the event and do our part in conserving these amazing creatures. A big thank you to East Ayrshire Woodlands for providing the required wood for building the bird boxes and bee hotels, and to Suzie Burgess from Buglife for her inspiring talk.

Before the event took place I came up with some aims I hoped to achieve as a result of my event. These aims were as follows;

  1. Increase the number and range of wildlife species using the Garden by December 2015
  2. Increased number of visitors to the garden
  3. Improved and maintained appearance of the garden by December 2015


We won’t know entirely which aims have been met until December however we feel very strongly that the targets have been accomplished and the result was brilliant! We hope to continue working on the garden on a monthly basis so don’t worry if you missed this event there will be plenty more to come in the future. Check our website for upcoming volunteering activities and you too can get involved in something great!

group pic