21st September – Moth morning and Plant quadrats

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about moth and invertebrate recording and identification, and great fun too. We will be taking a trip to a new peatland site called Low Moss, a raised bog and Provisional Wildlife Site that is in close proximity to Airds Moss Special Area of Conservation.

Tom Vorsterman an experienced local moth recorder and CEI volunteer will locate his traps on the site the night before, before emptying and identifying them with the help of willing volunteers the next morning!

Moths play a vital role in telling us about the health of our environment and are extremely useful as indicator species for habitat change. With over 2,500 species they are fascinating to learn how to identify with so many intricate patterns, colours and shapes..

We will also set up new plant quadrats on the site so that the CEI can monitor the vegetation before any potential restoration works.

(c) Tom Vorsterman (local moth recorder Ayrshire)

(c) Tom Vorsterman (local moth recorder Ayrshire)


To register to attend or for more information please get in touch with Jennifer Dunn, CEI Project Officer, atjennifer.dunn@ea-cei.org.uk or call 01563 576771