17th July – Peatland Plant Survey, Dalmellington Moss

Join us as we carry out a Peatland Plant Survey at the beautiful Dalmellington Moss Nature Reserve, and find out about fantastic and weird bog plants like the carnivorous sundew.

We will be working in collaboration with the Scottish Wildlife Trust to identify and survey the key plants that indicate the condition of the bog. We hope to carry out work to improve the condition of the bog in the near future, and the results of this survey will provide important data to tell us how we are doing. The survey will be repeated yearly to tell us whether our work is having the desired effect over time by identifying changes in the vegetation.

No prior experience is necessary – we will provide training and reference materials.

round leaved sundew

To register to attend or for more information please get in touch with Jennifer Dunn, CEI Project Officer, at jennifer.dunn@ea-cei.org.uk or call 01563 576771.